Time Zone Widget


The Time Zone Widget allows you to switch time zones in an easy way. Each click on the image of the widget will change the time zone to the next of a pre configured list. This is helpfull in case your device is unable to automatically change time zones and you are frequently traveling between different time zones.
Place the Widget on your device's home screen. Every cklick on the image switches to the next configured time zone. E.g. you have choosen Europe/London and Europe/Berlin in the configuration screen, the widget will change the time zone on every image click between these two.


The installation consist of the widget and a configuration application. Install the widget via android market. You can skip the step to open the application because this application is the configuration of the widget which will be automatically opened when you add the widget to your home screen. The purpose of the application is to make it easier to change the configuration of the widget later on.
The installation of the widget itself is dependant on your phone's manufacturer and/or on the Android version. Usually a long press on the screen opens a dialog (try to find an "empty spot", don't click on an app icon or any other widget). Select "Widgets" and scroll down in the new dialog untill you find the Time Zone Widget and click on it. This will place the widget on your screen and open the configuration screen. Choose the time zones you want to switch between and press save.

In case the size of this widget is too big (1.3 MB) and you don't need an extra image per time zone, you can download the Time Zone Widget Light.


Q: After I installed the home screen widget, I have to press twice to switch to an other time zone. Why ?
A: In case the next time zone in the configured list is equal to the current one, you won't see a change.

Q: I think I found a bug, what should I do?
A: Please report the bug here

Q: Can you implement additional features?
A: Depends, but if you let me know I will try.